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27 April 2010 @ 03:46 am
I am sure you know that when I'm not on here updating, it just means that I am out living my fabulous life.  Still, I know it's been way too long since my last post.  Rest assured, your Dominant Goddess has been doing very well.  With all of the issues on NiteFlirt, I have been taking a very well-deserved break from the site for a while.  I am hearing now that business is doing much better so I might actually be around on there from time to time.  Not to say at all that I have been inactive, but rather focusing on my elite clients who have the priviledge of contacting me directly.  Before you ask, no, you may not call me directly if you are a NitFlirt client.  Dare to dream though little pets.  LOL  I know many of my NF sissies and subs have missed me dearly, so I am back.  I won't be on 24/7, but I will be around.  If you'd like to set up a time to call, I can always be reached on Yahoo under the screenname samantha2seduceu.  Time to Feminize, Humiliate and Emasculate!!!  I look forward to catching up with my pets!

P.S. - Sugar Daddy, it's about time you came back around...lol.  My cell phone provider misses your in-store visits.  ~muah~
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30 April 2009 @ 02:04 pm
Yes, yes, I know.....it's been ages Mistress.  I can now say without a doubt that I have at least turned SD into a switch.  How you ask? Oh well, just a very well placed finger ~wicked grin~  That was followed by an eager trip to the toy store.  Of course, I went along via phone.  And what type of Mistress would I be if that trip didn't somehow include a little time in the video booth.  Definitely a hot little visit, eh hem and visitor in that booth.  We have had a visit by the good doctor since then, but I know his pulse still races when he thinks about that little trip.  I also had a very steamy call from "O" the other day.  We recalled how he came to me, pregnancy fetish.  I revealed to him, how it was that I knew he was gay, even then.  He was all about the act of conception, mainly the sperm.  That's right, sperm "O".  That's what gave you away.  Now my pet frequently gets dressed and goes out for a night on the town.....and he drives all the boys crazy.  Speaking of dressing, I had the pleasure of adding a new little sissy to my fishnet army.  Miss Kendra Lynn.  Boys, you really HAVE to see her.  She claims she wants me to push her over the edge, but I say she's already there.  Her shoe collection is to die for!!!  Yes, even with all that my pet "B" has done to expand my collection in the last several months, she has me beat, hands down.  We spent some time shopping on Secrets in Lace and then jumped over to her blogs for a little exposure.  I'd say by now she's getting a little antsy to see just how much I reveal.  I do love to tease though, so it will merely be bits and pieces.  ~sly smile~  Speaking of my pet "B", he's been a bit down lately.  I think what he needs is a good shopping trip.  We started with chastity training, but, well.....we've now discovered that he's gotten to small for his device.  How embarrasing is that?!?!  So I guess now we'll need a device for the seriously under endowed.  ~dies laughing~  As his lack of manmeat shrinks, his dilligence as a financial sub have grown.  Along with paying for my new iPhone last month, and paying for half of my training fees at the gym, "B" now pays my cell bill, at the store.  I like the shame of sending him there to do it in person.  It doesn't end there though, Monday night, my bf was feeling under the weather and "B" called while I was out getting him some meds.....he insisted on paying for my bf's medicine.  You really have to love a potential cuck that knows his place ~muah~ Alright boys, I am off to the gym for my training session.  More to follow when I get the time to post!  
22 December 2008 @ 02:08 am
"B" practically BEGGED my to record and blackmail him.  Record what you ask?  His version of "Santa Baby" (help us all).  When it came down to it though, he begged equally for me NOT to record it.  So confusing.....what's a girl to do?   Record it and post it on my site and blog about it of course ~wicked grin~  Enjoy this little puppet's utter humiliation as he completely butchers the song.  Note though that he has promised to listen to the song and get it right next time.   An added bonus:  the bf got a devious streak that was captured by the mic when he's whispering for me to make him sing "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" instead.  Enjoy this little nugget.  Hahahahahaha!!!

Click here to go to the recording on my site~
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Sony VAIO VGC-LT39U 22-inch PC/TV

(This thing is purely WICKED!!!)

Sony Bravia Z-Series KDL-46Z4100/B 46-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD

(Because Santa knows just how good I've been ~wink~)

 Sony Cybershot DSC-T700 10MP Digital Camera

(I love snapping candid shots and my camera phone sucks)

 Sony VAIO VGN-AR830E 17-inch Laptop

(Oh yeah, I've been THIS good)

Victoria's Secret E-Gift Certificate

(naughty girls need even naughtier under things)

The Ultimate Renaissance Retreat

(the ultimate day of pampering)

 Zappos.com e-Gift Certificate

(feed my naughty shoe fetish)

 MAC Cosmetics e-Gift

(Keep your MAC girl beautiful through the holidays)

Wine.com e-Gift Certificate (The state is NC)

(face it, you love me even better tipsy and naughty)

Bath & Body Works e-Gift Certificate

(There is no such thing as too much pampering)

If you didn't find just the right way to say "Merry Christmas Mistress" here, visit my Pamper Me page for more gift options! 


All e-gifts should be sent to:  samantha@southernsamantha.com


All tangible gifts should be sent to: 




439 Westwood Shopping Center

Fayetteville, NC 28314-1532

16 September 2008 @ 05:39 pm
Had a call from SD/VB the other day.  He attempted to reassert his dominance, was he successful?  Hmmm, we'll see.  My little shopping hound has been at it again!  I have gotten 2 new pairs of shoes this week.  My Carlos Santana Spark Sandals and my BCBGirls Lara Platform Peep Toe in Teal Nappa.  They both totally rock, but I have to say, the Carlos Santana's are still my fav's so far.  They are way too comfy to be platform heels....I could virtually live in them.  Oh wait, I practically am...lol.  I am quite sure "B" is in heaven knowing he's supplied my new favorite shoes.  Caught up with my Slut Alexis and Little "A" in the last couple of days.  "A" has finally given up acting like he has a real cock.  His final admission came in the form of violating himself with his new 8" toy on cam for me.  I say violate, but that's really not an accurate description.....the little slut loved every minute of it.  It took long enough, but after 2 years of trying to act hetero...he has turned.   

05 September 2008 @ 12:58 pm

Well boys, "B" is starting to carve out quite a little notch for himself as my newest designated spoiler.  Not only did he get me the cutest pair of BCBgirl shoes, he also got me a $75 MAC e-gift cert.  Isn't he just the cutest.  It doesn't stop there, when his Goddess showed him a bracelet she liked on bebe's site, he declared that he had to get it for her, if she wanted him to.  Of course I do, silly pet!  So, even bigger anouncement is the expansion of my gift list to include 3rd party items.  Also, if you're a long-time caller, you may request my new mailing address to send presents to directly.   Did you boy also realize that there are about 108 shopping days left til Christmas.  Not that it matters so much, the truly devoted know that gift time for Goddess Samantha needs no special date or season.  So my little flock, the next question is who is going to replenish my Bath & Body Works supply?  Just had a call from my SD/VB and while it didn't go all Dom on me, it wasn't completely boyfriendish either.   Did I mention his naughty streak.  You see, I was a good girl until he came alone....ha ha ha ha ha.  Not so much.  Alright, I admit my sultry wicked ways, in fact, I am quite proud of them.  It did occur to me today that I should have a page on my site for a list of prezzie contributers.  I might work on that this weekend.  I'll also be recording a couple of new mp3's, so if you have any special topics you'd like me to delve into, drop me a line at samantha@southernsamantha.com.  Alright boys, I am off to do some shopping.  ~muah~
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Yes, I know you boys have sorely missed my little mentions on here.  My current most crushing, love-struck fan is my new Brit "K".  Now not to downplay the devotion of my British panty boy "J", but "K" literally is at my beck and call 24-7.  You boys know how much I LOVE devotion.  Speaking of which, a new caller, "B" seems out to prove that he's devoted as well.  In the last 3 days we've done 2 great calls, both of which ending in him getting me prezzies online after our call.  Friday it was a $50 Sephora Egift cert and this morning it was the cutest little pair of Mary Jane heels from my Foot Slave Wishlist(see below).  He's vowed to provide for my beauty as I see fit.  I think I'm seeing a MAC eGift Certificate and a new pair of black heels to keep my Mary Janes company...~wicked grin~

I'm seriously considering a name change for my Sole Dominant.  Over the past year VB seems more appropriate than SD.  Yes, I am sure there will be some recourse from him for my reference to him as my Virtual Boyfriend, but I'm not scared of him.....ha ha ha.  It just goes to show though, in the end, I melt even the most Dominant of resolves.  The good news is that VB is not an exclusive position.  Rest assured, while we may get close and you start to fall in love with me, I am always and will always be in charge.  It is just who I am, but then I am quite sure that's what you love about me.  Several updates and upcoming things to annouce.  Near the end of this month I will be unveiling a new site geared for those who need less of my firm control and more of my caring and nurturing side.  It will be my GFE(Girlfriend Experience) site available only to the most devoted and love-struck of my clients.  Devotion does have it's rewards.  My top spoilers will have access to voice journal posts, exclusive pic sets for purchase and best of all, a reduced rate of $1.99/min.  This will be a hidden listing only available by invitation to call.  Ready to join the club boys?  Start lavishing me with gifts and long hot calls and you just might find your exclusive invite in your NiteFlirt Inbox. ~sly smile~  On that note, I also wanted to let you boys know that my wishlists have been updated and are growing daily.  Being the indulgent Goddess that I am, I have very specific lists for you to choose from based on your gift giving pleasures.  I know a certain little "D" that is waaaayyyyy overdue getting a certain prezzie to me.  Your only redemption now is to make it a good one. 
16 April 2008 @ 05:05 pm
 I seriously cannot believe it has been this long since my last post.  Sole Dominant has to be seriously slacking...lol.  Oh yeah, I'll pay for that little comment.  I can say one thing, it hasn't been a lack of fun playtos that has had me absent.  Maybe it's too many.  Along with playing with my beloved pantyboys and house boys, I've also started doing GFE calls.  For those of you who don't know what that is exactly, I'll break it down for you.  It's called Girlfriend Experience.  Let me tell you, some of my playmates make GREAT boyfriends, virtual of course.  One part that is totally real from my online boyfriends though are the prezzies!!!  This week I got a $50 Bath and Body Gift Cert from one of my sweethearts so that we can have a relaxing bubblebath together.  You see, it's like dating, only you control the when.  No lingering girl making for an awkward "morning after".  No clingy, craziness to deal with, just a hot time and the ability to spoil a hot girl.  Of course you boys know I have my ways of showing my appreciation for those who pamper me. ~wicked grin~ Assslave thought he could sneak in under another name after being blocked for bad behavior.  I think he completely understands his place now.....on my $50/min Financial Domination line.  After 2 days of training on that line and hundreds of dollars later.....he has clearly learned his new station in life.  What does he expect after the $1800 wallet raping(in 1 call) he recieved from me a few months back.  He knew exactly what he was getting into, he's just too weak to resist the ruination.   Far be it from me to deny his need to be drained dry.  Great times with my total Homosexual "O", for someone who started out with a pregnancy fetish, he sure has developed into quite a cum slut.  Slut Alexis has been popping in and out, keeping me up to date with her current naughtiness.  Jack has been absent as of late.  Not to worry though, I have my ways of bringing the little cum slut right back and begging for more ~sly smile~  Have to give a special thank you to "J" for saving my backside and being an amazing friend.  You are awesome!!!!  Wrapping up some design projects today and guess what's next on my list boys......that's right....the long-awaited mp3's!!!  I'll send my guys a heads up once they are avaiable for purchase.  Crazy ass "S" resurfaced under yet ANOTHER screename.  I swear, I do let you boys know up front that I am addictive, but geez.  He's got it bad.  Alright, I'm off to do recordings, should have some ready by Friday if the records and edits  go smoothly.  Happy Thursday to all my boys ~muah~ Samantha
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29 January 2008 @ 09:43 am
Alright boys, way too many hot calls lately not to do a few shout-outs.  Top of the list without a doubt is sexy voice "J".  Seriously, you are truly a sweetheart, and it is always more than a pleasure to hear from you.  I'm actually cheating a bit and typing my post at Starbucks while I wait for my first design sales call appointment.  Thank you again for my new laptop sweetie.  Wish me luck ~grin~  If any of my boys are Marketing gurus, I can use all the friendly advice you can offer.  While my design skills might be home grown, a stroll around the web throught the eyes of my dear friend "J" has taught me that I have artistic ability that cannot be taught.  Thank you both for believing in me and never letting me doubt that my new venture will be every bit as successful as my phone fun endeavour.  It's actually kind of weird sitting here, seeing all of the suits and soccer moms coming and going.  It actually ALMOST makes me miss my corporate days.  Note, I said almost.  My dear friend "J" also pointed out that my hyper-drive control freak nature that almost demands I do things on my terms.  He is so right, office life is so not for me.  Funny, but I do have a passion for both of my current sources of income.  My phone sessions allow me to display another artistic side altogether.  The ability to paint a scene, to make you get lost in it, in me.  My design work lets me create beauty.  Granted, I still have so much to learn.  I really feel like it has evolved so much in the last 6 months.  I can attribute part of this to some kick-ass Photoshop plug-ins from "J".  Thank you again for all of those.  Now I just need to explore them all!  And yes, one day, I will create something just to create, and that will be my gift to you.  Other mentions.....Sole Dominant....where are you ~arches an eyebrow~  Yeah, that was a tad on the cocky side, I'm going for a full-fledged paddling.  Actually, twice a year I get to Domme him and I have yet to use my Christmas call with him.  Maybe I'm onto something.  You can run, but you can't hide.  I know you read my blog, so I'm calling you out.  We'll see who is on the receiving end of the paddle on our next call ~wicked grin~  Alright boys, have to wrap this one up for now, heading across the street to work my magic...lol.
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07 January 2008 @ 02:55 pm
 I'm feeling completely pampered about now!  I'll give you guys a run-down on my list of prezzies in a bit, but now it's time for a couple of shout-outs.  I had a call today from an absolute treasure of a pet who is totally addicted to my beautiful long fingers, my fingernails and red nail polish.  Now, we know the perfect way to show your devotion is by properly pampering the object of your affection.  "J" will now be sending $50 weekly tributes for my mani's and pedi's.  It's not without a delicious reward though is it darling ~sly smile~  I have had way too many calls to give mention to all of them, but I'll hit the most memorable today.  If you don't make the list.....you need to be on the hone making an impression.  Speaking of impressions, one of my callers has definitely gone above and beyond to do just that.  Our New Years Eve call was smoking hot!  Sexy voice "J" was out to make sure that his girl was totally pampered.  During the course of our call, he did just that.  Bubble bath, multiple, yes, mutiple sessions of.......well, don't think I have to draw you a picture now do I?  If I do, you obviously haven't had a recent call with me....lol.  He also managed to slip in a Christmas prezzie that totally ROCKS!  "J" you are totally awesome sweetie!  Oh, and it came early, I'm going to go pick it up today.  I'm so excited!!!!  You are the best, you really do spoil me to death you know ~muah~        

Some of my X-mas goodies:

Sexy Voice "J" - My Sony Vaio Laptop - THANK YOU BABY!!! ~muah~
Cuckold Micheal - Philips Home Theater System, $200 Victoria Secret Gift Cert, $100 Wine.com Gift Cert
Sissy "C" - Bare Escentials Starter Kit - love, love, love this stuff!
"T" - Philips DECT 6.0 - 2 handset cordless phone system - OMG it rocks, it's sooo clear!
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